I've tried to plant a variety of different plants around the yard to provide good forage for the bees.  Of course, they will fly for a couple miles for food, so it's not like I need to provide for all their needs.  I still feel it helps if there is plenty of good food sources close to the hive, not to mention that some of these plants will provide food for me as well. I don't remember what these are, some kind of flowering ground cover that seem to be thriving.

The strawberries from last year are in full bloom and producing lots of fruit, should have the first crop in a couple of weeks.

I also have a bunch of these springing up, not sure if they are are wild strawberries or wood strawberries.  Wild strawberries are wonderful, wood strawberries are tasteless, but fortunately not poisonous so I shouldn't die from taste testing them.

I have a number of blueberry bushes as well.

And a blackberry shrub.

There is a bunch of wild honeysuckle blooming around the place, and the ones growing on my back porch are preparing to.  I've heard that honeysuckle is actually better for bumblebees than honeybees, but I've seen a few of them on it.

One of our Clematis vines just bloomed this weekend as well.

I have a variety of other plants seeded around the place, such as poppies, bee balm, begonias, and various other wildflowers.   Just waiting for them to bloom.