Still not dead

Still not dead

So, it has been six months since I posted here.  Mostly because I didn’t have a lot positive to say and the world doesn’t need another whiny blogger.  So, just a quick recap of the negative stuff before moving on. My ankle has continued to hurt and cause me problems.  Cold weather, snow, and ice have left me in a lot of pain and really reduced my mobility.  The new bike developed some kind of a starting problem and ended up being in the shop for 5 months.  And today put the icing on the cake when I discovered that a cargo trailer we had stored at the house of a friend of my wife’s got stolen, along with all our SCA camp gear and my SCA armor.  All told probably about an $8000 loss.

All of that sucks, but life goes on.

Things have been improving at work, I actually like being there again.  I also have a job interview coming up for something that I think I might like even more, so that is kind of exciting.

The Triumph may or may not be fixed.  The starting problem seemed to be temperature related and weather is getting warmer.  The shop says they found and fixed the problem and it is indeed starting more reliably than it had been.  There were a couple of times when it was in the 30’s that it still didn’t start, but I don’t really want to ride when it is that cold.  Either way, it is running well at the moment and I’ve been enjoying getting some riding time in.

My ankle still hurts, but it is improving.  I’m taking longer walks and keeping it moving.  I still have hopes that I can regain most of the use of it.

And to keep myself occupied this summer, I’ve started a new hobby, beekeeping.  I built a Kenyan Top Bar Hive and introduced a colony to it a couple of weeks ago.  They seem to be doing well.  For those that are interested I started another blog detailing my experiences with the bees at

That is all for now.