Hiving the Package Part2

Once I had the hive all closed up again I backed off and gave them a little time to adjust to their surroundings. When I went back to check on things a couple of hours later I found it a flurry of activity. Bees were flying around the hive like crazy. Many were still carrying dead bees from the hive, while many others were visiting the nearby flowers. I had planted a couple of blooming heathers near the hive and the bees seem to have taken to them quite well. I also found a bumblebee foraging on the heather, first one I’ve seen this year.

The timing for the arrival of the bees was perfect because I have a number of cherry plum bushes near the hive that just flowered that morning. They were covered with cherry blossom like flowers that put off a wonderful aroma, and the bees seemed to be very attracted to them.

Later that night after everything had settled down I opened up the observation window to see how they were doing. They had formed a cluster around the queen cage. I’m not sure if they had started to build any comb yet, all I could see was the ball of bees, but they looked content to stay in the hive.