The Boca Death March

Since I have nothing else terribly interesting to say at the moment I will give a quick update on my previous posts about dieting and the Wii Fit.  The short story is I just reached the 20lb mark.  It took around 3 months, which is a little longer than I hoped, but still not too bad.  I'm still losing at a respectable rate and not feeling terribly deprived.  I'm amazed at how easy it has been for me to give up most of the beef and pork in my diet. I never thought I could do that. In the past though when I've tried dieting I've always kind of obsessed over how I couldn't have as much meat as I wanted, but I've been replacing it with Boca, chicken, and fish and only occasionally having beef or pork. Still using the Wii for workouts.  I think the Yoga on the Wii Fit is useful for stretching and just feeling a little better.  I use Gold Gym's Cardio Boxing for more intensive workouts.

So, now it's off to park for a good hike with the dog and chicken tacos from Taco Bueno since it is one of the few fast food items I can have without doing serious damage to diet.