Kickin' it Old School

Well, I decided that I liked the old theme better than the new one, so I tried to revert back to the old Snoods theme with its Black and Orange simplicity.  However, it turns out that theme seems to have issues with WordPress 2.7 and Internet Explorer.   After quite a bit of rooting around in the html I found the problem was formatting characters that get copied over when I use MS Word 2007 to write my posts.  So, moral of the story, do not use a Microsoft Product to produce content that will be viewed in a Microsoft Browser. I think I have it fixed, though a couple of posts had to be deleted and rewritten and a couple of comments lost. The switch back to the old theme seems especially apropos since my old pal Yukari sent me this pic:


Apparently she liked the butterfly from the Snoods theme enough to get a tattoo of it.  Very cool.   Wish I could claim to be the artist, but that is not where my talent lies.

In other news: My wife has been working in a town sixty miles away for the last year. Due to the long hours she often worked and the cost of gas at the time we decided to get her an apartment to stay in during the week rather than having to commute. This arrangement got old pretty fast, as despite my grumblings, I actually do miss the woman when she is gone. She is starting a new job in a few weeks, back in KC, so the last week has been spent getting her moved out of the apartment and back here. It is amazing how much stuff someone can accumulate in a year. We live in a pretty small space, and there simply isn’t room for all of it, so things are still a bit of a mess here until we get it all figured out.

And while I’m happy she is back, I am feeling my style a bit cramped. I’m considerably neater than she is, and I also don’t care much for having the TV on all the time. I find it too distracting when I’m trying to do homework, get some writing done, or do much else that requires any concentration. I’m actually considering following in the footsteps of Scott Sigler and setting up a workspace in a closet. Tonight the need for this was really driven home as I had to record an introduction video as part of a school project. I got started late because there were simply too many distractions, and between random noise and activity from the pets, and multiple coughing fits from the wife, it only took about 50 takes to get it right.

So things are kind of back to normal.  The wife is back home and my sight is mostly back to its old self.  A little cleanup and editing left to do as some things have changed with the more recent versions of Wordpress, but nothing too major.