O'Malley's New Year's 2009

Spent another great New Year's at O'Malley's Pub in Weston, MO. Tullamore and Bob Reeder were performing, though we never did make it to the upper pub to see Bob since we were having such a good time downstairs. We spent New Year's three years ago at O'Malley's and Bob made it a very memorably night with his singing and antics, but it was crowded last night and we didn't want to lose our stage side seats so we stayed put.

They put out party hats on all the tables, and I took to wearing a plastic bowler, that pretty much resembled my head except that it was blue and had a brim. It caused a few humorous moments as it was warm and I sweated a bit which caused this hat to form a vacuum like seal on my enormous noggin making it damn near impossible to remove and sounding something like a champagne cork popping when I did finally pull it off. I half expected my head to look like one gigantic hickey by the end of the night.

Took a number of pictures with my cell phone, but for the most part they didn't turn out very well. I need to acquire a camera that works well in low light conditions since my Canon A700 never works well in the shadowy cellar that O'Malley's lives in either.