The last month...

Wow, guess it has been over a month since I bothered to blog anything. Lots of things going on, but mostly things not of interest to anyone else. However, that has never stopped me before, so here I ago.

My wife became quite ill and it was discovered she had 25 gallstones. Essentially her gall bladder had become a sack of marbles. So they removed it in an outpatient surgery. A few days later she started getting sick again, this time even sicker than before. She ended up back in the hospital for a week and it was discovered that they had missed a gall stone (#26) and it had gotten lodged in the bile duct where it passes through the pancreas and caused all kinds of nasty problems. They went back in and got it and she is finally feeling better.

Right on the heels of her recovery I fell ill as well. I'm not going to get into all the nasty details of my symptoms, but I'll just say my intestinal track got really jacked up. Right now the current prognosis by my doc is that I have what is called c diff colitis. You see I was on antibiotics to clear up a chronic sinus infection. Turns out that some antibiotics actually wipe out the good bacteria in your gut while not having as much of an impact on the bad. The bad bacteria then spread out of control and cause fun things like bleeding ulcers in your intestines. Yeah.  Just started on different more powerful antibiotics that will hopefully wipe out the bad bacteria. This just reinforces my belief that going to the doctor makes you sick.

Had a quiet but nice thanksgiving. With SueAnn just getting out of the hospital we decided to just stay home and have dinner for just the two of us. Didn't go overboard but had a good meal. We roasted a capon with stuffing and cider, I made cranberry muffins and pumpkin pie. It was all good. The last pumpkin pie I had made a week or so before thanksgiving was disappointing, so I tried a new recipe from a food blog I've found called Bread and Honey. Lots of great recipes, though too dangerous for me to read often as I'm trying to lose weight again and I think my baking is the major contributor to my weight gain recently. At any rate, the pie was great.

After dinner we went to a local lake to scatter the ashes of SueAnn's mother Shirley (my blog post about her passing was lost in a WP upgrade, need to see about restoring those old posts sometime), that had passed away in February, and those of my old dog Fergus that had died several years ago and we had never decided what to do with the remains. It was a cold blustery day, melancholy, but it suited the mood of what we were doing.

So, that's my update for the last month.

Wyandotte County Lake