Election 2008 - Obama Ascendant

Well it appears that Obama will be the next president of the United States. While its still possible we could wake up in the morning to find McCain had miraculously made a comeback, it seems pretty unlikely. Kind of amazing how close the popular vote is compared to the electoral votes. I kind of think it may be time to do away with the Electoral College, why do we have a system that can basically negate the popular vote? Not that it matters at the moment, it does appear that the popular vote will go for Obama as well. I'm ok with that, I voted for the guy. First time I've ever voted for a Democrat for President. It wasn't an easy choice for me, because I still consider myself a fiscal conservative, and Obama is most definitely not one. But neither is McCain, and for that matter apparently neither is Bush or most of the Republicans in Congress. So not much point in letting that be my voting criteria.

I just watched McCain's concession speech. It was positive, humble, and spoken as a true statesman. I can only hope that Obama's acceptance speech holds as much class. I'm cautiously optimistic that maybe he will be different, though I'm not exactly holding my breath.

Really I'm just glad that the election is over. I'm sick of listening to the ads and the analysis and all the idiocy around it. Despite the fact I was voting for Obama, I got really tired of way McCain and Palin were slandered and misrepresented by the media. I'm tired of those that act like Bush is a terrible evil man, worse than the enemies we are fighting. I'm tired of those that are acting like the sky will break open and a choir of angels will appear to sing Obama into the White House and everything will suddenly be wonderful in the world. Reality Check, all the problems we have now will still be there, and no one man can magically fix them.

Maybe there will be a change, maybe not. It's too early to tell. What we really need now is to put all the partisan discord behind us and go forward with our eyes and minds open. McCain is a big enough man to do so, I hope everyone on both sides will follow his example.