A week in the life..

Halloween at O’Malley’s was a little disappointing. Eddie Delahunt and friends were playing, and they were good, but there wasn’t much of a crowd and very few people in costume. A very loud group of college age kids took the table next to us and pretty much prevented us from hearing any of the music past that point, so we gave up and went home a little earlier than planned.

I at least got a little eye candy earlier in the day at Centriq, a local IT training center where I was taking a MS Server 2003 class. The employees all wore costumes, and some of them were quite nice. Only a few students wore a costume, but my old renfest outfit was enough for me to take 2nd place in the student costume contest and win $30.

I took my last canoe trip of the year with a friend on Sunday. Got off to a rocky start when my wife, who was going to take us to drop off a car then drop us off upstream, decided to take a Family Circus “Billy Route” to get where we were going. We finally arrived at the boat ramp in Farley, MO on the Platte River. It was covered in about 6 inches of mud which made for a lot of fun getting the canoe into river. Had a good time, the weather was great, the trees still had a lot of color, and it was just a nice relaxing day.

Today I’m going to be at work late which means I will miss the continuous reporting, pointless speculation, and sycophantic pandering over the election. What a shame. I voted early so I didn’t have to brave the polls today, have heard mixed reports from the area about how bad lines were. Overall, probably not as bad as a lot of people feared, though I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets worse this evening. It will be interesting to see the outcome of this mess. Whoever wins, pretty well loses if you consider what they are inheriting.