All Hallow's Eve

Coming to the end of my first course of my Master's degree. I've learned quite a bit about different educational theories and learning styles, interesting stuff. Finishing up a final project and getting ready for the next class. One of the reasons I decided to pursue Instructional Design was because of my ongoing fascination with online communities and virtual worlds. It was kind of cool that the month I started school an educational magazine called Educase Review published an issue completely dedicated to virtual worlds in education. Most of it has to do with Second Life, which has admittedly underwhelmed me in the past. If a lot of educational developments are taking place there I may have to get involved with it again. My Avatar is called Beltane Bookmite if anyone wants to look me up in SL.

Tomorrow is Halloween, which is one of my favorite times of the year. Partly because I guess I never grew out of the phase of liking to wear costumes, and partly because I love this time of the year when Autumn is in full swing. This weekend I plan on taking a canoe trip down the Missouri from Atchison to Leavenworth. The leaves are maybe slightly past the peak of color and starting to fall, but I still think its going to look really cool out there. But, back to Halloween. On Halloween night I will be attending a Halloween Dinner and Party at the American Bowman and O'Malley's at Weston continuing my four year tradition of having a drink in an Irish Pub every Halloween. Should be an interesting time.

Saturday is the start of NaNoWriMo. I've been telling myself I have too much going on and I'm not going to do it this year. But I really want too. It would be pretty ridiculous for me try and add the writing schedule of NaNo to my school workload, but I may yet take leave of my senses.