The first day was less than spectacular, not because of the performances at the festival, just all the other stuff that wento on around it.  The second day went a lot better.  The B&B gave us a refund, and the weather was bright and clear.  In actuality it was a little too bright and clear.  There was no shade to speak of for the outside stage, so it was a long afternoon of sitting in the hot sun. The music was great, got to see many favorites.  Ellis Island, Flannigan's Right Hook, Wild Colonial Bhoys, and of course, Brigid's Cross.  Paulie Baker, the fiddle player in the group, along with Rachel Gaither from Tullamore were the two main inspirations for me to start taking violin lessons.

Also heard a new gorup (new to us anyway) called the Clumsy Lovers, that had a nice bluegrass vibe going which was a nice change from several of the earlier more rock'n'roll sounding groups.  By the time they were finishing up the weather had turned much cooler and it was looking like a spetacular night.  But the wife was tired and hungry, and truthfully so was I.  So we left the evening to the younger crowd and headed out.

All in all a good weekend, already looking forward to next year.  Unfortunately all the B&Bs in the town are booked up a year in advance, as is the hotel, so it looks like next year we will be commuting.

One last thing, apparently O'Malley's has acquired the world's largest ball of twine (actually largest ball of "string" not twine, guess there is a difference).  Kind of makes sense, I think it is one of those things best appreciated with alcohol, lots of alcohol.