KC Renaissance Festival

The week before the Weston Irish Festival we went the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.  Had a good time as usual, though perhaps not quite as good as the past couple of years.   We generally go every year and watch the same four or five acts.  This time we discussed the fact that we should try to see some different folks, then stood around trying to decide who to go see before finally going to see the same four or five acts. We of course saw Tullamore.  They were kind enough provide us tickets, and they are our favorite group anyway.  The Limey Birds were a lot of fun as well.  Caught the Jolly Rogers, and the Musical Blades.  How many pirate themed singing groups does the world need anyway?  As always, the best part of the day is the Pub Sing at the end, which is always horribly wrong and funny.  It wasn't quite as over the top as a couple of years ago, but still fun.

Took a few pictures with the camera phone, not great quality, but here they are.