Weston Irish Fest Day 1 - You got to be kidding me....

It is time once again for the annual Weston Irish Festival. This is my fourth or fifth year attending this event, and it is one of the best times I have all year.

Today started a little rough. As per usual when I try to take time off, I get called by work to look at some problem. Of course while I'm in the middle of it the remote access goes down. I messaged my boss but got no response, so I went ahead and went in. Spent about 3 hours there, but I think I fixed the problem. Overall about half my first day of vacation shot to hell, not to mention getting woke up when trying to sleep in, and not being able to do several things I had planned to do that morning.

Got over my irritation at work and resolved to have a good time at the festival despite the bad start for the day. Got to Weston and checked into the bed and breakfast we had reserved then visited a couple of shops and headed for O'Malley's. We arrived early enough to get good seats down in the pub. Watched Tullamore and then Bob Reeder with a special performance by Jiggernaut's Deanna Scotland. Had a great time. A former student I knew from Devry, Kely, joined us, as well as a few O'Malley's regulars. A little after midnight we headed back to the B&B, only to find it locked. We knocked repeatedly, rang the doorbell, called the number of the place, all to no avail. Here it was, 12:30 AM, with us tired and somewhat inebriated, and we were locked out of the place we were spending $160 a night to stay at. Not a happy situation. Not too mention the clothes we were planning on wearing tomorrow (including my utilikilt) and my wife's medicine were all in our room. I left a message on their answering machine telling them I would be by sometime the next day to pick up my stuff and get a refund, then my wife who was the less intoxicated of the two of us drove us home.

We will be going back for tomorrow, hope things go a little better.