Educational Quandary Update

Work signed off on the Master’s of Science in Instructional Technology Degree I’m considering pursuing. So at least that option is open to me. Of course I couldn’t let things be that simple. After submitting the paperwork for approval I continued researching degrees and schools and found a similar program at another University. This one is a Master’s of Art in Learning and Teaching with Technology. While this program is a little more expensive, it seems more interesting to me and perhaps a better fit for what I’m looking for. I’ve applied and been accepted into the program, but now I’m waiting to see if work will consider this one sufficiently related to my reasonable career path at the company. Since I am often involved in training staff, and work on a lot of the back end infrastructure that supports some of our educational initiatives, I think it does. Will just have to wait and see.

If work gives the approval, I will be starting school in September. I’m pretty excited about it. I’ve been spending way too much time doing nothing of late. Work has had me stressed out, and I come home and just veg. I can’t seem to find the motivation to do much. Having assignments and deadlines will be stressful to be sure, but it might also help break me out of my rut and give me something to focus on besides issues at work.

Of course the Bachelor’s Degree in some kind of Natural or Geologic Science is still an option I’m considering. In many ways it is what I really want to do, and I’ve found some programs that might make it possible. It just isn’t a terribly practical option right now. If I go to Ashford for the Master’s of Art in Learning and Teaching with Technology Program, I can probably finish it in less than a year and may consider pursuing some other coursework after that if I still want to delve into another field.