Bradley Robertson, someone I follow on Brightkite had posted to their blog asking "What kind of Geek Are You?"   They referenced the 56 Geeks Project, where Scott Johnson has done a series of drawings of 56 different types of geeks.  A wrote a response to the question, but after reading it, decided it sounded a little over the top, so I mocked myself in anohter comment. Since I've been too unmotivated to write any new entries here, I figured I would just post my answer here as well.  So, What type of Geek am I?

At least a half dozen of the 56 could describe me to one extent or another, yet none of them really "define" me. And I think that is what it is to be a geek. Geeks are those whose interests lay outside of what society calls normal. We don't buy into the same rules as others, we don't let the expectations of the majority dictate what we value and enjoy. To follow a fleeting fancy where it takes us, to gain joy from immersing ourselves in experiences for the simple pleasure of doing so, and to proudly set ourselves apart from those that never look beyond the restrictive confines of normalcy is the core of geekdom. It defies simple categorization.

I'm not sure what type of geek I am. No simple label can really sum it up. I only know that I am one, and proud to be so.

And my response to myself:

Of course, after reading my entry above, the simple answer comes to me...

I'm a Pretentious Geek.