Whiskey Wisdom

A while back I sent a comment into a podcast I listen too asking what some of their favorite whiskey's were and telling them a few of mine. The people on the show are really into good expensive Scotch, and I wanted to hear their opinions on some other spirits. I was kind of surprised that instead of hearing what they liked, they instead put their effort into ridiculing my tastes in whiskey and commenting that I evidently didn't know what good whiskey was.

May be. I've been drinking whiskey (and whisky) for less than a decade, the ability to relax and enjoy a good drink is something I came to rather late in my life. I can't claim to have a sophisticated palette, I can't taste 47 separate flavors in a swig of Scotch. I also don't believe that spending $100 on a bottle of liquor makes me a better, more refined person.

The people on the podcast are good folks. They are fun and intelligent and when I've met them they've been nice and friendly. Why my choice of spirits should turn them into obnoxious snobs is a little hard to grasp. I really feel that in their search for the perfect drink they've lost sight of the real point. The magic in a bottle of whiskey isn't in the exotic location it was distilled or the years it has sat in aged barrels.

The magic in whiskey is in the friends that raise a glass with you and the simple pleasure of shared experience. It's sad that some lose sight of that. I do not intend to.