Saturday night was a trip up to O'Malley's In Weston. Hadn't been there for a few months, and my brother wanted to go seeBob Walkenhorst. Bob was the lead singer in a local KC band called the Rainmakers back in the 80s, and since I had been a fan of them I figured what the hell. On the way to Weston I got a call from my friend Tony, who coincidentally, was calling to see if I wanted to go to O'Malley's. So, I arrived at O'Malley's with my brother and a bit later Tony showed up with Amanda (not sure what to call her since she objected to the label of girlfriend), and another old friend, Mark. Tony and Mark had both been interns for me in the electronics lab when I first worked at DeVry. Mark moved to Arizona yeas ago so it was cool to see him again. Though I'm not quite sure if he is right in the head. He kept talking about running, in Arizona. As Doz put it, “Skinny people do some weird shit”. At any rate, the music was great. Jeff Porter, another local musician, Joined Bob Walknhorst on stage and they played some old Rainmakers tunes as well as lots of new stuff. It was cool hanging out with my brother which I haven't done for awhile, and the addition of Tony, Amanda, and Mark to the mix just made it that much more fun.

Since I was the driver, I was taking it easy on the drink, but decided to try the signature drink at O'Malley's, oddly enough called tThe O'Malley. The O'Malley consists of Guinness, Vodka, and Tabasco Sauce. Now I don't care much for Guinness, blasphemy I know, but I've never found a beer I like. I figured though that if anything could kill the taste of Guinness, Vodka and Tabasco Sauce should do the trick. It actually wasn't too bad. My lips burned a bit, but I definitely liked it better than straight Guinness, though it isn't destined to be my favorite drink. Doz snapped a few pictures on his camera:

May head to O'Malley's again this weekend. Flannigan's Right Hook is playing, and they should be worth the trip.