Stupid, Ignorant Americans

I think that sums up how I feel about the recent outrage over a Dunkin Donuts advertisement that featured Rachel Ray wearing.....a scarf.

A scarf, a piece of fringed cloth wrapped around her neck and draped over her shoulders has led a small but oh so vocal group of right wing idiots and sensationalists to condemn Dunkin Donuts and Rachel Ray as terrorist sympathizers because the scarf looks like an article of clothing worn by middle-easterners. Oh the horror (and I don't just mean in relation to my terrible run-on sentence there).

I saw some guys from Iraq wearing pants, does that mean I have to wear my kilt now, or risk being mistaken for a terrorist? Bin Laden has a beard, so do I, so I'm probably screwed anyway. Might as well dust off the turban and explosive laden vest.

How have we reached a point where wearing an article of clothing that kind of resembles something that someone from a foreign culture wears marks you as a terrorist sympathizer?  For that matter are we maybe jumping the gun a little to assume everyone that doesn't look, talk, and think just like us are threats to our civilization?

I'm really disappointed that Dunkin Donuts caved on this and pulled the add. I would really love to see some corporation just stand up and say to hell with you. If you are that stupid we don't really want you as our customers. I would go out of my way to do business with any company that had the guts to do that.

The terrorists have pretty much won at this point. Call off the jihad, there is nothing more you need to do. We have become too ignorant as a nation to survive, no point in going out of your way to destroy us, we aren't worth the effort.