Out for a Wok

Last night I took the first of what is to be several cooking classes at the KC Culinary Center. I was a little apprehensive at first, thinking perhaps I was a bit out of my class and my league. However both the staff at the center and the other people in the class were all extremely nice. I'm not exactly a social person, but it really was a lot of fun talking with the people at my table and cooking with total strangers.

The class was Homestyle Asian, supposedly a look at real Asian food the way it would be prepared at home. It was taught by Matt and Sophia Chatfield, a married couple, both of which are accomplished chefs. Sophia is from Indonesia, so she is the source of much of the “authentic homestyle” cooking.

I had a great time and learned a lot. I got to make my first sushi roll, which was awesome. In fact I'm a little dubious about the high price of sushi after seeing how simple it was to make. Next week I'm taking a class dedicated to making sushi with the same instructors. A couple of weeks after that I have a thai cooking class with them.

It was one of the cooler experiences I've had in a while and I'm looking forward to taking a lot more of them. They have a few more Asian cooking classes, but tons of other things as well. Grilling, smoking, Mexican, Italian, baking, chocolate, and just about any other kind of specialty food prep you can think of. Hopefully I can work my way through the Asian series this year, then start working on some of the others.

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