A Toast to France

I had planned on another rant about the shortsightedness of corporations and some of the general craziness and frustration of corporate life in general.  But I'm guessing no one is really that interested in reading yet another pointless rant (if you are, never fear.  I will undoubtedly continue them in the future).  Instead I came home and decided to try a new drink, Cognac.

I've never had Cognac before, and don't know much about it save it is akin to Brandy and must come from a certain region in France much as Scotch must come from certain areas of Scotland.  No particular reason for trying it, just thought I would try and expand my tastes beyond Scotch and Whiskey.

So, taking the advice of the man at the local liquor store I picked up a bottle of Daniel Bouju.  It is a Very Special Old Pale Grand Champagne Cognac.  To real Cognac drinkers that probably means something.   Actually it means the brandy was aged in the casks at least four and a half years (10 years in this case)  and that the grapes came from the Grand Champagne region, at least I think that is what it means.  This is supposedly a very good middle grade Cognac.  It has no additives for color or taste like most of the lower end ones do and is smooth with a good flavor.

I'm no connoisseur and lack the sophistication to elegantly describe the experience. I don't really care, I'm not a pretentious person, I drink a spirit because I like it and not much else really matters.  My drinking experience is fairly limited, but I have come to accept that quality does make a difference and the mid range liquors are generally where I find what I enjoy.  I can usually tell the difference between a $50 bottle of whiskey and a $20 one.  At some point I will try some cheaper Cognac and find out if it holds true here.  I kind of doubt that I would find much difference between a $100 bottle of whiskey and the $50 though.  There most likely is a difference, but not enough of one for me to pay the premium, and one I would most likely need to train myself to discern.

The experience was quite pleasant.  The drink was subtle with a fairly strong undertone of fruit and spice.  It was perhaps a bit more cloying than a good pure pot still, but the sweetness was pleasant and I could see it being an excellent drink on a cold night sitting by a roaring fire.

This is definitely a drink I will add to my list of favorites and I look forward to further exploration of other varieties.