Penguin Voices in My Head

I've been running on Vista at home for over a month now, it is probably one of the longest stretches I've gone without reloading my system in the last 6 months. It is actually running fairly well, no major issues. The UAC popups are annoying, and something in my antivirus keeps me from connecting remotely to work, but over all it hasn't been a terrible experience.

Problem is there is this little voice that whispers to me in the dark hours or the night, or for that matter under the cold fluorescent glow of the lights above my cubicle. It whispers to me of freedom fighting penguins and evil corporations. It reminds me of my Unix and Linux certs filed away in some forgotten cabinet. It tempts me with the delights of open-source wonder. It tells me I'm nothing but a poser.

I've been ignoring that voice for quite a while now. But it keeps growing louder, telling me I really should be runningLinux, that I shouldn't settle for Windows, that I shouldn't sell out just so I can play a game that steals way too much of my life away.

I'm beginning to realize just how addicted I am to trying out new operating systems. It really is kind of scary how often I give into these urges. New versions of Ubuntu and Fedora are just around the corner. My old favorite SuSE is a couple of months out from a new release, of course they've forever been tainted by Novell so my enthusiasm for them has waned.

Oh well, I wasn't doing anything else this weekend anyway.