No Justice for the Little Man

Any of the four of you who ever read this blog may recall that a month or so ago I had a strange incident with a madman on the road. Ultimately, this obviously disturbed driver of a Chevy pickup-truck used his truck to repeatedly ram a car with a family (including a child) and run them off the road. I had called 911 to report this person earlier after I had witnessed them try to run someone else off the road and the chase me for a while. I got their license plate, I gave it to the 911 operator. The guy that got his car rammed got the license plate number from the truck and gave it to the police when they arrived. I gave the license plate number to the police when they arrived. The people in the another car that witnessed the incident gave the license plate number to the police as well.

Over the next couple of days I checked the news to see if there was any mention of this bizarre incident, there wasn't. It struck me as odd, but then again, no one was killed or even seriously injured, but as there was a child nearby I just couldn't see the news media passing such a story by.

A couple of weeks go by and I run into the driver of the car that got rammed at the store. He tells me that the police had done nothing. They had not tried to find the person responsible and when asked why not they said there was nothing they could do since they didn't have his license plate number.


I think that calls for a Wilhelm Scream [audio:wilhelm.mp3]

Doesn't give me a warm fuzzy about the competency or dedication of the Kansas City, KS Police Force, or Wyandotte County Police, whoever the heck they are. I mean I can't imagine something like that happening in somewhere like Lenexa or Leawood in Johnson County and nothing being done about it. Not to mention the fact that the 911 operator had been given the license plate number, as well as at least three eye witnesses giving it to the officer at the scene.

Oh well, guess it is time to get my concealed carry permit, next time it will be more efficient just to shoot they guy rather than depend on the so called "law" to protect the public.

All of this and not even a decent donut shop in the area, what they hell are the police doing since it obviously it isn't filing reports or looking for bad guys.