And now we return you to your regularly scheduled rant...

Well, it is once again time for my regular rant about TV, what passes for news in this country, and my wife. I spent the last in Indianapolis getting training on a webportal software my company uses. Outside the training room was a television which was always tuned to Fox News, and another one in the breakroom tuned to CNN. The glimpses I got of what was on during the week was almost always OJ. OJ in the courtroom, OJ being driven down the highway, etc, etc, ad nauseum. They did at some point take a break from their 24hr a day OJ coverage to do some story about Britney Spears. Just shove an icepick through my frikkin temple now would you?

There were some really important things going on in the world, Israel launched an air strike against some target in Syria, congress voted NOT to reinstate Habeas Corpus, and a group of mercenaries contracted by the US government decided to open fire on civilians for no apparent reason. All of those stories together did not get 1/10 the time that the OJ case got in the major news outlets. Point of this is that News in this country is completely useless, and I'm guessing the general public that it is aimed at are a bunch of mouth breathing morons. Fox News or CNN, makes no difference, its all drek.

Now I've railed against TV for a long time, and after going several months without it I finally gave in a couple of months ago and let my wife get Satellite TV again. Truth be told there were a lot of shows on now that I actually liked so it wasn't a great hardship to have the option to watch them. Only problem is, the TV isn't actually for my use apparently. My wife records so much crap that in the one week I was gone she managed to fill up a 200 hour DVR and the few shows I record got deleted to make space for the garbage she watches. Of course this may sound like a very one sided argument calling her shows garbage. But the sad truth is that Masters of Science Fiction and episodes of Jericho and Eureka have been erased to make room for Psych, Top Chef, and some show where a prissy arrogant gay man tries to make fat women feel sexy. Why does this show even exist?

So I guess I'm back to giving up on TV for now. It is a shame with all the really good sci-fi that is finally on. I will just have to wait for the DVDs and get them on netflix.