DragonCon Preliminary Report

It is 11:00 pm on Monday night. My first DragonCon is now behind me and there is nothing left to do but catch a little sleep then rise early to make it to the airport tomorrow and head back to Kansas. To people outside of the scifi/fantasy/fandom/gamer world, there really is no way to explain what DragonCon is like. The easiest description is a four day long costume party/rave/movie marathon, but that really only scratches the surface. It was a hell of an event and a great experience. Something I will most likely want to repeat in my future. I’ve just returned from Gibney’s Pub where I shared a few drinks with my friend Mike. Surprisingly, we didn’t spend a lot of time hanging out at the con as I had expected we would, but it was good to sit and have a talk with him (and a very persistent and interesting homeless guy/hustler, Mike had a portable recorder, it will be on our next podcast) at the end of the weekend and talk about the experience and what it meant to us. The biggest thing of course is a renewed determination to make our podcast worth listening to. We’ve done 20 episodes over the last year, and had some good interviews and good shows, but we’ve had lots of technical difficulties and lots of inconsistencies in both the content and production value of the show. DragonCon had lots of podcasters in attendance, and lots of panel discussions on different aspects of podcasting. Hopefully we will take some of the advice and motivation we picked up and run with it. The motivation of course is the most important part. While I definitely desire to improve our production values a bit, Mike has been doing a good job of doing that, and I really know how, just been too lazy at times to make it happen.

The coolest con moment for me was meeting Michael R. Mennenga and having him not only know who I was, but tell me that he had been hoping we would show up there and wanting us to submit more skits and content for Winging it since our past submissions had been so good. That was just an awesome feeling. Also got to meet several other prominent podcasters such as Brian Brown, also of the Wingin’It / Slice of Sci-Fi group, and Swoopy from Skepticality, both of which knew about the WANC podcast.

Over the next week or so I will have a few DragonCon reports and next week we should be recording WANC 21 which will include our DragonCon experiences. So check back here and at We Are Not Cool for some updates and lots of pictures over the next week.