A Drop of the Crather

My quest for the perfect Scotch continued over the weekend, though with somewhat disastrous results. Having Tried Glenlivet, Dewars, Dalmore Cigar Malt, and Bowmore, I decided to add two more to the list and introduced Highland Park and Laprhoaig. It was a hot and humid day but me and a friend sat outside and sipped our scotch while partaking of some decent cigars. It was a good time, though I was constantly getting up to chase after my dog for one reason or another. After a time it became apparent that puffing on a cigar while heaving myself around on crutches (couple of stress fractures in my foot) in near 100 degree heat was a bad choice as a wave a nausea overtook me and quickly led me to fits of heaving. I was rapidly reduced to a rather pathetic heap, first laying on the stone patio, then later on the blessedly cool tile floor of a downstairs bathroom. I am an admitted lightweight when it comes to alcohol. I barely drank at all until my early thirties. Even so, I routinely drink much more than I did that day with no ill effects. I guess the heat, the smoke, and the drink just weren't a good combination for me. Luckily, my “friend” had a cameraphone handy, so as in the past cases of me being laid low by the devil drink, there is photographic evidence of my plight.

Before deciding to empty my stomach of everything I had ever eaten though I did get a good impression of the scotches. The winner for the day was definitely Laprhoaig which is taking its place as my second favorite so far, with only The Dalmore Cigar Malt being more pleasing to the palette.

Despite this setback, I will soldier on.