Mile High Techie

Hanging out in a hotel in Denver. Sent here by my job for training on Avaya phone systems, which has been pretty interesting as far as these corporate training sessions go. Got to visit my aunt, cousins, and their families while I was here, which was nice. I haven't seen most of them for about 10 years. I use to hang out with my cousin Carolyn a lot when younger, and she remembers a lot more of the crazy stuff we did as kids than I do (which I blame on years of blunt head trauma). Evidently at one point I stuck my arm in the alligator pen at the Denver Zoo to try and get a balloon. Guess my tryouts for the Darwin Awards started early. I decided that I was tired of just eating and sitting in the hotel room all night so I took off on a long hike tonight that kept me out wandering the streets and a very nice nature trail for about four hours. Lots of cool scenery and it makes me realize how much I miss living somewhere with some natural beauty to it. There are some nature trails close to where I work now, and as soon as the temperature drops down a bit I'm going to have to check them out.

Last week I went to Mike's house to record another podcast. Most of the time we just get together via skype, however the energy is so much better when we get together in person. I plan on trying to do it that way more often, and hopefully we can get Doz to the studio as well. Not sure when it will be up, Mike is editing it, should be up before too terribly long.

Dragoncon is just a few weeks away, looking forward to it, though I have to admit I'm not quite as psyched as I was. Mostly because there have been lots of changes in the podcasting landscape and I just don't foresee it being quite as good as I had hoped. That being said, there should be tons of cool things going on there and I shouldn't have too much trouble finding ways to have fun.