Big Wheel Keeps on Turning

Regular blogging does not seem to be one of my strong points. I'm trying to avoid the whiny drama crap that I see many blogs descend into. So if I don't have anything beyond I'm tired of my life, blah blah blah, etc, etc to say, I usually don't bother. I must say that in the recent past though I haven't had much to complain about. My lack of posting is more due to being really busy and overwhelmed, rather than irritated. After a fair amount of agonizing I decided to leave my job at Aquila and accept one at the American Academy of Family Physicians. It was a difficult decision. Even though Aquila is most likely being split up and sold to a couple of other companies, I worked with some good people, had some strong financial incentives, and an excellent chance of getting a job with one of the new companies, quite possibly with a nice relocation package. AAFP however offered me a bit more stability, the chance to work with some people I have worked with in the past and respect, and a very challenging work environment that will do nothing but expand my skillset and knowledge base. It also appears I will never have the chance to be bored at work again.

Beyond trying to get my head around the new job, not a lot is going on. Hiding inside from the heat for the most part. Considering setting up a computer room in a tool shed (complete with AC), and starting to look at plans for building a blacksmith shop on a friend's land.

The We Are Not Cool Podcast is still limping along. We have no plans of stopping it at the moment, but no real plans for where it is going either, so who knows?