The Educated Celt...

A quick catch up of my life... I am finished with school and will finally have a Bachelor's Degree. Since I did it a little at a time over a long time it doesn't feel like it was a huge accomplishment, but I'm glad I saw it through and glad that it is over. So nice to have time to work on other things and not have to bother with homework and class participation. Now I can hopefully turn my attention to some creative endeavors that I have been itching to work on. Mainly trying to get back to some serious writing and trying to improve the quality of my podcast and make it a lot more consistent and hopefully a bit more interesting as well.

My work situation is still up in the air somewhat, though my job is probably safe for at least the next eight months so I have plenty of time to decide what I want to do. No real pressure there, just a vague feeling that it would be nice to have some stability.

Diet is going ok. I've lost a little over 20 pounds, and while I had hoped to be a little farther along by now, the fact that I'm still progressing in the right direction is good enough for me. Slow progress is much better than losing ground.

Busy couple of months ahead. Tullamore is having a CD release party Saturday May 19th at O'Malley's in Weston and I of course will be there. The next weekend I hope to attend the Celtic Block Party in KC as well as make it to the St Louis Renaissance Festival to see the Jolly Rogers and just have a good time. The Jolly Rogers are also having a show at the Gem Theater in KC on July 14th and will be recording for a CD and DVD and it should be well worth the $10 ticket. In June I will be going to the Lilies War, a large local SCA event, as well as the Renaissance Faire of the Midlands in Council Bluffs, IA. Somewhere in there is probably a Highland Games and a trip to see Bob Reeder. I'm in serious danger of Celtic and Faire overload in the next three months, I hope my Utilikilt is up to the task.

I will wrap up a summer of celtaholicism with a trip to DragonCon in Atlanta to meet all of my podcast and comic heroes.