Eat, Drink, and be Merry, for tomorrow we Diet

Of course, I've dieted before, many times, and even though I usually lose some weight, I never keep it off for long. I'm not quite ready to just give up yet though. I've put on enough weight in the last six months that I need to buy new clothes because I'm too fat for the old. I'm lethargic and not doing many of the things I use to enjoy because I'm too out of shape or too self-conscious about my appearance. This time around I'm forgoing Weight Watchers to try the South Beach Diet. I've been pretty skeptical of it, but I've had a couple of friends that have had some decent success with it, so what the hell, what do I really have to lose (which is exactly the point of this exercise). If it works, great, if not, I'm probably no worse off than before.

I'm posting it to my blog because one bit of advice I've heard about dieting is too make sure and tell lots of people about it so you will be more motivated to stick to it instead of looking like a failure in front of everyone. Maybe not the healthiest course of action, but one that makes sense to me.

So I'm starting out somewhere around 247-250 pounds. I was at 247 a couple of days ago, but I've been on a food bender to rid the house of a few off limits food before getting started. I also decided to eat out today for the last time I will get to for a couple of weeks. There is a cajun style restaurant in KC called the Jazz. I've never been to the original one by KU Med Center, but a new one just opened up at the Legends in my neck of the woods so I decided to give it a try. It was really good and fortunately has lots of things on the menu that will be acceptable once I'm done with the initial strick phase of the diet. They also had waitresses walking around with shirts on that said things like "Shuck me, Suck me, Eat me raw". I think the waiters had similar shirts, but I wasn't paying much attention to them, I'll have to check with the wife.