I am William Shatner's Bitch

I've long been a fan of William Shatner. Though I'm not a Trekkie, I did like the Original Star Trek, and no other Star Fleet Captain can hold a candle to Kirk. Now I watch him in Boston Legal as Denny Crane, and catch him here and there in other appearances such as Free Enterprise. Last year William Shatner started a DVD movie club. It was simple and straightforward. You pay $48 a year, and every month good ol' Bill will send you some B science fiction movie you've never heard of. I quickly jumped on that band wagon. As a fan of Shatner and B movies, how could I go wrong? So the year passed and I got my monthly DVDs, and was actually pleased with the selection. However I must have been a minority because last week it was announced that the DVD club was defunct. Subscribers would get any remaining movies of the 12 promised shipped to them at one time, then there would be no more. A sad day for connoisseur of low budget indie sci-fi. However I recently received an email from William Shatner himself. He was telling of this great movie he had produced, or starred in, or rented at Blockbuster... the connection to the man was never really made clear. It was called Groom Lake and sadly, it was out of print. However, you could still order this cinematic masterpiece from WilliamShatner.com for only $9.95, despite the fact that it was being sold for $42 on other (undisclosed) sites. Buy this movie while you can, in fact buy a couple of copies since it could be a collectors item someday.

Well, you don't have to tell me twice. I promptly whipped out a debit card and ordered my copy of celluloid nirvana. I ordered a movie I had never heard of, don't know anything about, and that is out of print because nobody else wanted to buy it. And I did it for one reason and one reason only. Because Bill told me to.

I am William Shatner's Bitch.