Warning: May Reveal you are an Idiot

Not much going on in my life at the moment. Kind of in the lull between the rush of NaNoWriMo and holidays. My wife is working over most of the holiday, and pretty much everyone where I work is on vacation so things are pretty much dead. This may actually give me a little more chance to play with the Nintendo Wii I got last month. As I've griped about on many occasions, my wife is a TV/Tivo addict, so our TV is rarely free for me to watch anything, let alone play computer games on it. So though I managed to score a Wii on its release day, I've only played a little. What little I have played has been good. It seems like a solid fun system with lots of potential. There is one huge annoyance though, and thats the warnings. Everytime you turn the thing on you have to go through a warning about being careful with the remote. Everytime I go into a game I'm given warnings about securing the safety strap on the controller and then another one about making sure that I have plenty of room to move and make sure the area is clear of furniture and other people. While I know Nintendo is simply trying to protect itself from ridiculous lawsuits (unsuccessfully it appears), it is really annoying to have to click through three or four screens of idiot messages each time I want to play a game.

There have been lots of stories about people throwing a Wii controller through their TV screens, or injuring a friend with them. I secretly suspect these are not accidents, but rather acts of anger and frustration at how badly the computer cheats you in games like Wii Sports - Boxing. In normal gameplay I just don't see how someone could throw the controller hard enough to break the lanyard and crash through a screen. The fact that people are trying to sue Nintendo over the fact that they are incapable of holding onto a piece of plastic while whipping it around like a complete spaz is terrible. How much more innovation and fun could companies produce if they didn't have to spend so much time and money defending themselves from people that should never have been allowed to live through childhood.

And speaking of those that should never have been allowed to live through childhood, the scalpers are getting really irritating as well. I managed to get the Wii system, but what I can't get is a second complete set of controls so I can play two player games with people. Everywhere I go tells me the same story, someone comes in and buys up all of them in stock. So the only place I can find them now is on ebay for 2-3 times what they should cost. Of course, if people are stupid enough to buy from these folks then who can blame them for wanting to make a buck. It still strikes me as being pretty unethical though and I wouldn't shed a tear if they were to be run over by a bus.

In the end maybe the console makers themselves are to blame. They spend millions on adverting hyping these things up, then only release a small number of them to fuel the frenzy. Does their scarcity increase their demand?

Long rant for nothing much going on. I hope to do a complete redesign of the page soon, but as I just started playing World of Warcraft again, I doubt I will accomplish much in the next few months.