Ninjas and Novelists

Quite the weekend. Saturday the dojo had a sword cutting seminar. To practice actually aiming our strikes we used pop bottles filled with water which were thrown more or less at us. The plastic bottles full of water are a decent indicator of how your strikes are, if you don't hit them right, they just bounce off instead of cutting. So if your form is decent you slice them open. Of course, it was freezing outside, so the reward for success was getting soaked with cold water, but it was still fun.

Here are a couple of pictures, the second is one where I've successfully sliced the bottle. Of course my form is terrible there, the blade shouldn't drop much below my waist, but hey, thats why its called training.

Jodan Stance Bottle Killer

Sunday I went to KC NaNo's Thank God it's Over Party. Fun group of people that hopefully I will keep in touch with over the rest of the year. For donating to the NaNo Fundraiser I had received a temporary tattoo. As a joke I put it on my head for the party. Got some strange looks at the Target I stopped at on the way there. The real problem is, its not coming off, scrubbing it alcohol and soaking it with hand lotion have barely faded it, so I may be wearing it for a week. Good thing that I'm in a class all this week and not at work. It will be a bit embarrassing, but at least it will be people I most likely won't be seeing again. KC NaNo Group

Head Tattoo