Dr. Milton Friedman 1912-2006

After making the last post a few minutes ago I just heard that Nobel Laureate economist Dr. Milton Friedman has passed away. He was a very impressive man that has had great impact on the world of economics, politics, education and countless other areas. I was friends with his son David and his family (Wife Betty, Daughter Becca, and son Bill) during my time in California, and had the pleasure and honor of having dinner with Dr. Friedman once. I felt quite dense and insignificant listening to him discuss things with his son (David being an economist and college professor as well), but I like to think I picked up something from the conversation. Ninety-four years is a lot of time for anyone to walk this earth, and he made so much more of an impression on it than most. I think the work he has done, his ideas and teachings will continue to live on and influence people for generations to come. I would encourage everyone to follow this link and learn a little bit about this great man and his life.