Deer in the headlights

Been another crazy couple of weeks. The time since my last post started well enough. A small get together at the home (or rather estate, 5 acres, pond, woods, etc) of one of my former bosses where three fat IT guys got to eat well, drink, and smoke our pipes while relaxing around a fire overlooking the pond. Then we retired to the rec room for a viewing of the venerable Space Balls. The movie is still terrible, but enjoyable in its own twisted way. It was a good time, very relaxing.

If only things could have continued in that vein. A short week later my wife managed to hit a deer and total her mom's car. The good news is that she was more or less unhurt, the bad is that since her mom is in a nursing home she is suppose to be taking care of paying her bills but had not payed the car insurance. Less than 6 hours after it expired she totaled the car and has left us with buying a $4000 piece of scrap metal. Aint married life grand. If I had wanted to put up with this kind of irresponsibility I would have had a kid. This the fourth car to be totaled by SueAnn, Slayer of Autos, in 11 years of marriage. We can now also add Bambi Killer to her growing list of honorifics.

Oh well, job is taking another turn. I'm officially moving to the Systems Engineering group this week, though I will be taking some Microsoft training all week and won't find out much about my new position until after Thanksgiving probably. I think its a positive move, just a bit disconcerting having my third boss in 2 months.

With all the craziness this week my NaNo writing has suffered. Fortunately I had worked far enough ahead that I'm still slightly ahead of the targeted schedule, with luck I can get back into the groove of things.