October has been one of the busiest months I've had in a long time. I went to the KC Renaissance Festival a couple of times, spent a weekend at the Weston Irish Festival, went to Ibgerd's private Snakes on a Plane screening, and just generally had a good time. Lot of great music at the Weston Irish Festival. Tullamore (of course), Switchback, Brigid's Cross, The Mickey Finn's, Flannigan's Right Hook, The Young Dubliners, Ellis Island, Bob Reeder, Seven Nations, and a couple of good pipe and drum bands. There were several others there as well, but I just didn't get the chance to see everyone I wanted to. Sunday was cold and rainy. My wife decided she wanted go home, so I drove the thirtysome miles to get her to a warm dry place then returned to find out they had decided to move everything inside O'Malley's pub for the day. It was simply too crowded for me at that point so I called it a day. Even so, had a great time Friday and Saturday. Stayed at the Weston Bed and Breakfast which was very nice.

The Snakes on a Plane screening was a lot of fun as well. Just a bunch of Doz's friends, and a few of mine. Lots of people I hadn't seen for years. I wasn't sure that Snakes on a Plane would be as good the second time around, but it was.

So many projects I want to get done, but so little time nowadays. Working very odd split shifts at work right now because of some server maintenance that needs done on off hours. Its a temporary thing, but kind of hard to get much done around it. I hope to someday actually redo this website, as well as the WANC website, but not sure how soon that will happen. WANC seems to be picking up a little momentum. Had a nice email from Scott Sigler (a published author that is well known in the podcast, podiobooks world) and I'm going to get a preview copy of his book Ancestor to review for the podcast. Really looking forward to it, I enjoyed his book Earthcore and have been wanting to read Ancestor, but it is only out as a podiobook now, not in print yet.

I will also be doing NaNoWriMo again this November. Since my life is so busy I thought why not add the stress of trying to complete a 50,000 word novella in one month to the craziness. Mostly its because of the interesting people I get to meet at the write-ins and kickoff get togethers.

While on the subject of writing, David D. Friedman, a friend of mine from the SCA I met during my stay in California just had his first fantasy book, Harlad, published. I read a draft of it a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. The book just came out this April and I just got a copy. I haven't read the final draft yet, but will soon. He has had a few books on economics published before, but this is his first foray into the fantasy world. Its a low/no magic story which deals with battle and conflict in a more practical down to earth matter than a lot of high fantasy novels.