That old roller coaster just keeps speeding along. A couple of weeks ago I had my hard core Irish weekend. Friday night at O'Malley's to see Tullamore, Saturday all day at the KC Irish Fest, then back to O'Malley's to see Tullamore again since my friend Rusty from Topeka wanted to come up and see them. I had a really good time, besides the repercussions of alcohol poisoning Friday night. I didn't know that a person could vomit for three hours and still manage to dredge stuff up from the gut. I don't even think I ate some of that.

At the Irish Fest I got to see Eddie Delahunt and Friends, Seamus Kennedy, Gaelic Storm, Black 47 and several others. It was a great time. I had planned on going back Sunday, but was just too tired.

I've been kind of getting a handle on the new job. My boss seems to interested in finding me things to do which are a bit more interesting. The interesting situation is that I got a call from Kansas University about a position I had applied for some time ago. I decided what the heck, even though I had just started a new job I figured I would check it out. Today they called me back to see if it was o.k. to contact my references. I'm really hoping that means that they are preparing to offer me the job. I would feel kind of guilty about leaving my new job after only a month, but I think I would enjoy working at KU much more and the job likely pays better as well.

My mother in law is having some health issues and will likely be heading to a nursing home soon. What this means for me is my wife and myself will have to spend a fair amount of time and money dealing with getting her house cleaned up and sold. This ultimately derails most of my plans for the next year because there simply won't be enough money and vacation time to do the things I had planned. The Ireland/Scotland trip will most likely be pushed off another year, sometimes wonder if I will ever make it. Of course I need to keep perspective on things. I'm a little stressed and irritated, but her whole life is being torn apart. She is leaving the home she has lived in for decades and losing most of her freedom and independence. I feel guilty for even being upset at all. She has a very cute cat that I will most likely end up adopting if we can't find a good home for it. With everything going on her biggest concern seems to be the fate of her cat, and as a pet lover I can understand that. I'm only reluctant to take it because I worry about its interaction with my dog and other two cats I already have. Hopefully they can all just get along. One more feline to bring snakes, rodents, birds, frogs, and bugs in is all I need.