Snakes on a Plane

The Citizen Kane of B Movies. Just got back from seeing an advanced showing of Snakes on a Plane, and I have to say I loved it. No great surprises, pretty much what you would expect, but then again, thats the beauty of this thing. In a time when pretentious mediocrity is what I've come to expect out of Hollywood, this is a movie that delivers exactly what it promises and makes no excuses for it. A good old fashioned action adventure with the tongue planted firmly in the cheek.

I'm actually quite surprised because the last several movies I've seen, I've liked. Last week I went to see Lady in the Water and My Super Ex-Girlfriend and really enjoyed both. Lady in the Water probably isn't for everyone, but because I'm so immersed in the ideals of the mythic tale myself, it really resonated with me. My Super Ex-Girlfriend was just really funny. Perhaps more so for myself and my male friends, but my wife and the other women in the theater all seemed to enjoy themselves too.

I also recently watched V for Vendetta which was another good flick. I was impressed that they made a movie with such inherently political themes, without making a preachy political statement. With terrorism such a touchy subject nowadays I'm rather amazed that V got made. Definitely worth seeing, and definitely worth thinking about. As I've said before, I consider myself a conservative, but I fear we are heading towards a rather Orwellian world, and by all accounts Britain is racing towards that rather grim destination even faster than are we. If people start standing up and resisting that direction, what will separate the heroes from the terrorists?

I guess in the end, you just have to wait and see what side Samuel L. Jackson is on.