Landing On My Feet

Got a call back today from a company I interviewed with last week with a job offer. It is an electric utility company and sounds like an interesting place to work. It pays a little better than where I left, and looks like I will be starting before my vacation time even runs out so there won't be much financial pain from the change. Its in a very cool old building downtown that has been restored and modernized, gives me kind of a cool H.P. Lovecraft vibe. It has all kinds of “green” environmentally friendly features, which is nice. Despite my conservative political leanings I've long described myself as a closet tree-hugger. The building was built in 1890 as the New York Life Building, and was the first “skyscraper” in KC. Its impressive, though I haven't actually seen much more than a conference room on the first floor yet.

Looking forward to the new job. The couple of weeks of vacation have been nice, but I've been to nervous about finding another job and keeping the income up to really relax and enjoy myself much. On my great list of accomplishments is getting my WoW character's reputation up high enough with the Timbermaw Furbolgs to get into Winterspring. Fun, but most likely not real useful on a job resume.

I'm just happy its all come together quickly. I've had good positive momentum going this year in my life, and I'm really wanting to keep it moving along.