So long, and thanks for all the fish...

Today I resigned from my job of five years at DeVry University. It was a job that I had very much enjoyed. However, as things change and people change, I've found my enthusiasm souring. The company has changed directions and I'm not totally thrilled with where they are going. People have moved on to other jobs, and new people taken their place. Politics and power trips have become more important than work and service. I'm leaving a lot of good people behind, and will miss several of them. I gave my two week notice, but as they weren't comfortable having a disgruntled employee with complete and total access and control of the network, they accepted my resignation, and had me leave. Right now I'm still kind of in shock, as I wasn't sure I would really follow through with my plans to quit. The truth of the matter is, I really like my boss, and hated to do this. I know that he most likely thinks I just got my ego bruised and am taking my toys and going home, but my reasons run quite a bit deeper than that. Mostly I'm bouncing back and forth between relief that I'm out of there and don't have to deal with it anymore, to disbelief that I walked out of the best job I ever had. Fortunately I'm feeling relief a little more than regret.

To take my mind off things I went to see Clerks II with my hetero life-mate Mike. Great movie, though just so wrong in so many ways. Also very topical since its about a guy that has to change jobs and goes through something of a mid-life crisis while seeking his place in the world. I also bore way too much of a resemblance to one of the characters and will forever more be haunted by the word “cake”.

Afterwards he took me to dinner at Stix, the new Asian restaurant at the Legends in KC, KS where I had whiskey and sushi, a combination that does not go as well together as I had expected. It was a fun night. I've been way to busy to just hang out and relax much for quite some time. The break was nice, and for the moment I'm not thinking too much about the future and just trying to enjoy the present a bit.

Tomorrow is another day, and I think I will just leave it to sort itself out.