Elvis is leaving the building...

Its funny how things can twist and change in a relatively short matter of time. A few months ago my boss at work was leaving and I had a nice job offer from another company. My employer, desperate to hold on to their only remaining network admin offered me a nice promotion and a sizable raise. Deciding that I liked the place I was working and didn't want to leave them in the lurch, I accepted the offer along with some promises that more help would be hired and I wouldn't need to shoulder the heavy workload alone for too long (in two years the network admin group had gone from four full time techs, 1 full time mainframe guy, 1 full time administrative assistant, and an intern to just me). Well after taking quite awhile to get the process done, they finally did hire someone. I was involved in the selection process and got to hire someone that had worked as an intern for me in the past and I was confident could work well with me now. I was pretty excited, there was a light at the end of the tunnel. One little thing though, with the current corporate environment the department head didn't think they would let them hire another Network Administrator, they would hire him in as an Assistant IT Service Manager officially, though he would basically work for me. Of course that went out the window almost immediately. Our completely incompetent IT Service Manager quickly latched onto him and had him doing as much as his work as he could manage. He also became angry when I had the new guy do things without clearing it through him. After several weeks of this I went to the department head with my concerns and was told we would all have a meeting about it the next week.

Well I went to St Louis for a couple of days (one day on business, one on personal stuff), and when I returned I was informed by my new hire that there had been a meeting in my absence and that he was now completely and totally under the IT Service Manager and would be moving into the IT Service Office. This did not make me a happy fat man. I currently share an office with the IT Service Manager, and have been trying to get him ousted for some time. He is irritating when he is there, and completely out of touch with what is going on in IT Service because he doesn't feel he should have to deal with interns or any of the day to day work of IT. I felt that he belonged in the IT Service Office where people could find him and where he might actually be involved in carrying out the work his job title implied. I had given him a deadline of the 24th of July to get moved out, and he had been telling our department head we was looking forward to the move, while all the time telling me he wasn't moving. So Monday when he came in he found that his desk, computer, and phone had all been moved to the IT Service Office. He was not happy. We exchanged a few choice words where I tried to explain that he was incompetent and that stealing my help would not change that. This increased his non-happiness quite a bit. We didn't talk to each other any more (save for him calling me because he couldn't figure out how to connect to a printer on his pc) until our weekly department meeting where once again things got a little heated. The department head listened to my concerns and decided that I could keep the new guy working with me for 3 more months, though he would still have to take over many of the duties that the IT Service Manager could not handle. It wasn't a great victory, but I thought it gave me three more months of bearable work conditions, not to mention time to finish my degree and time to look for another job.

I went about my business, naively thinking the matter was settled for the time at least. However I got a nasty “don't you ever move my shit” again rant from the trumped up little dictator that wasn't happy about having to actually interact with his underlings. He then went into meetings for the rest of the afternoon with the department head and later they called the new hire over to tell him that he did not report to me, that his involvement in helping me move the desk was unacceptable, that they were considering writing both of us up for it, and that they would talk to me later.

Wow. Sounds ominous. The craven bastards decide to browbeat some guy thats not even out of probation for following the orders of the Senior Network Admin he had been hired to work for. So far they haven't bothered to talk to me. I'm guessing that will happen tomorrow. When it does, I will be unemployed because I will tell them what they can do with their write ups and attitudes. I'm really amazed by this whole situation, because for the most part I've liked my department head, he has been a good guy to work with, but he also has a long history of hiring incompetent, arrogant people, and then standing by them in the face of all reason. I can't understand how he is putting this completely ineffectual idiot who has been there for two years, over others that have been there for five and six years and actually get things done. The only reason things haven't completely collapsed yet is because others (mostly me) have carried him and taken up the slack. I simply can't do it anymore, and am tired of trying. I can only work 60-70 hours a week for so long. The fact that this guy comes in sometime after 8 and usually leaves before 4 while telling people he works 12 hours a day just adds insult to injury. I really hate to leave most of my co-workers and the school in a bad place, but I'm just so tired of all the BS that I'm going to. It may sound like arrogance, but I'm the only one there that has any clue on how to keep the network infrastructure up, and my hold on it is somewhat nebulous because its simply way more than one person can handle.

Another long rant. I do apologize, but I'm tired, stressed and unhappy. I have a good paying job that I've really liked, and its all going to hell because of petty power games being played by someone that is trying to mask their own incompetence. Wednesday should prove to be an interesting day for me. I've never quit one job without having another one to go to, but sometimes you just have to make a stand.