Cry Meh and loose the apathetic hounds of war

Been an interesting week. Originally I was to be on vacation all this week to attend the War of the Lilies, the largest SCA event in the Kingdom of Calontir. Things at work kind of conspired against me so I ended up with only a couple of days off. Not as bad as it sounds. Having the whole week off would have been nice, but I'm currently in an apathetic stage of my love / hate relationship with the SCA so I wasn't terribly disappointed in missing out on a week of camping in the heat at a medievalish themed costume party. I'm going to go a little deeper into some of current views on the SCA in another post on the unlikely chance anyone else cares about such things. The most notable occurrence from the event was while we were breaking camp today my wife left her car in neutral. After about ten minutes of sitting there minding it's own business, it suddenly took off rolling down the hill directly towards another camp where a bunch of people were sitting around talking. I managed to reach the car and grab it (luckily the trunk was open so there was something I could get a hold on) and slow it down enough for SueAnn to catch up and get it put in park. I was the only casualty and now can barely turn my head and have a painful limp from a wrenched knee. Oh well, we all know love hurts, and marriage maims. The cats constant delivery of critters has continued. I've been presented with a half dozen dead mice this week. Glory also brought in a live one to play with. It was feisty and repeatedly stood on its hind legs and faced the cat down. She didn't know quite what to do about a mouse that didn't run away. At one point it started climbing a cord/chain to a hanging lamp and it was pretty funny watching the cat jumping about trying to knock it off. The mouse eventually got away, but I later found it dead and gutted, spread across the bedroom floor. I'm assuming the dog had a paw in the bloody work. Of course cats aren't one-trick felines, they also brought me a couple of live snakes. Got a bite on the finger trying to remove one of them. Not poisonous, not even particularly painful, just kind of a shock to suddenly have a snake sinking a fang into you.

Speaking of snakes, my borther, Doz is getting a tattoo of the Snakes on a Plane movie logo. What more can I say about that? Actually, quite a bit.

Our second We Are Not Cool Podcast is out. Not much better than the first, though it has a good segment of Mike's interview with MC Frontalot.