WANC 00: Holy Crap

Welcome WANCERS and WANCEES, you have found the virtual home of the sorriest group of geeks and nerds the net has ever seen. If however, you haven't decided run away, spray down your computer with a disinfectant solution, and go scrub yourself with Comet until your skin peels off, then feel free to take a look around and thus make your pathetic life seem better by comparison.

Of course, since there isn't really anything here yet, there isn't much to take a look at. Until we actually get something resembling real content, you'll have to make do with our first pathetic forray into the world of podcasting.

This is the promo WANC Podcast. It was done on the spur of the moment with no preparation and no idea of what we were doing. It shows. If you aren't completely appalled by this waste of bits, then check back in a couple of weeks when we may have something slightly less worthless posted.