Wow, its kind of amazing how quickly things can change. As I mentioned in the previous post, things have been a bit of a mess at work. My boss had given his two week notice and things were looking a bit grim. A week before he left a former intern called me about an opening at the company he worked for. I sent him a resume and within 2 days had an interview. I had a second interview a few days later and got a very nice job offer that same day. It was a big raise (30% more than I was making), and looked like a really cool company to work for. However, I had told the department head, who was now my new boss, that I had the interview and he had gotten a counter-offer prepared. While it wasn't quite as much as the other company was offering, it was a substantial raise, and along with some of the other perks and benefits made it worth my while to stay. Of course when I told the other company I was going to decline their offer, they actually offered me more money. Tempting as it was to raise my salary by 50% in one fell swoop, I stuck to the counter offer my current employer offered. Better the devil you know I guess. Point is I'm getting a nice promotion and raise. The job will still be a mess with me being the only network admin, but they are also likely hiring an assistant to help me out which will take some of the strain off. Amazing how a little recognition and some financial incentives can improve your outlook.

We've also reconsidered the whole Pennsic trip thing. Since we've now had our first taste of 90 degree weather here, it reminds us of how miserable living in a tent in the heat and humidity is. We have trouble making it a week at Lilies, and there we can drive home every couple of days for a break. Two weeks of this at Pennsic without a chance for a break may be more than we are really ready to handle. Estrella seems like a more manageable and enjoyable event for us, so we may aim for that next February instead. We also both would rather take a trip to Scotland and Ireland, but were a little concerned about making those kinds of plans with my job situation so up in the air. Since I'm committing to being there for a while, and will be making more money, it now looks like a more practical option. So we are now investigating the cost of doing this, and our initial information makes it look like we could swing it. The big thing to decide now is when to go. I want to go in late October, spend Halloween in the Celtic Lands where the veil is thin. My wife is afraid it will be too cold then. Personally I would love to be there with it cold and rainy, to me thats enjoyable weather and fits in with my image of the area anyway.

In other news:

My cats have now brought me a total of five live snakes this week. Thankfully, none of them were poisonous. Its possible that there might have only been a couple of snakes that they have brought me since I didn't tag them before releasing them into the wild. Either way, its disconcerting to keep finding snakes in the middle of the floor.

Last night was another night at O'Malley's watching Tullamore. It was a very strange night, they were doing lots of new stuff and seemed to be missing the mark a bit, and there were some odd folks in the audience that just kept moving things off on weird tangents. Nonetheless, it was a good time, and they did a good strong finish after most of the idiots had left. Looking forward to seeing them again soon.