The Dragon Page

For those of you that may be coming here from the link on the Dragonpage’s Click Grid, can’t you read the bloody caption? Really, there is nothing to see here, just the inane ramblings of a scruffy, disaffected geek. If you don’t know me, most of this will be meaningless. If you do know me, it’s still mostly meaningless, but in a more personal way. Either way, thanks for dropping by. I’m not really trying to promote my site. I just wanted to support my favorite podcast. Michael and Evo provide many more hours of entertainment a week than does my satellite TV, for free. Way to go guys, make sure and check them out at The DragonPage or Slice of SciFi.

I’ve been toying with the idea of a podcast for some time now. My brother and a couple of friends have some ideas, however nothing really original that someone else isn’t already doing better. So maybe we will, maybe we won’t. The only thing we’ve really got so far is a name, We Are Not Cool, or WANC for short. Four guys with over a half-ton of podcasting experience. If boredom should reach the terminal stage at some future point in any of your lives, drop by again and allow me to hammer the final nail in your coffin.