Pennsic Bound

For anyone involved with the SCA, the Pennsic War held every August in Pennsylvania is something of a mecca. It is the largest SCA event in the world with attendance numbers in the area of 12000. Twelve thousand people all coming together for two weeks of fighting, partying, learning, and things that defy classification in an impromptu tent city. I've never attended one, and have plenty of reservations about doing so. Even so, having been involved in the SCA for nearly twenty years, its one of those things that I just really want to experience at least once in my life. We've talked about going before, but it has never seemed practical. This year it suddenly does, with some positive changes in my financial situation, and having been at the job long enough to have the paid vacation to cover it, this year looks like my best chance to actually make the pilgrimage to this holiest of SCA holies.

A lot can change between now and August, but barring any sudden change in our financial situation we are planning on going this year. Up until now we have usually gone to Lilies War in Missouri, since it is close to our local group. Not a bad war, though probably about 1/10th the size of Pennsic and the weather and season usually means its too hot and at the peak of allergy season for me. We've also made it to Estrella War once. Estrella is by far the most fun I've ever had at an event. It is roughly half the size of Pennsic, and held in February in Arizona. Estrella was great for me because the time we attended we were blessed with cool, slightly damp weather which left me free from the allergy and heat exhaustion problems I have suffered at Lilies. Depending on how Pennsic goes for us this year, we may well opt to return to Estrella Next year.

At any rate, I now have 6 months of frantically trying to get ready for this major event. We intend to camp with friends of ours in what is called the Enchanted Ground. This is an area that is designated as a period camp area with higher standards for period camp gear and such. I will need to make a fair deal of camp furniture for this. We will also need new clothes, armor repairs, etc to have everything in good order for the war. Not to mention trying to whip myself into some sort of fighting trim by them. Six months is plenty of time to accomplish these things for a well organized disciplined person. Well organized and disciplined are terms that to the best of my knowledge have never been used to describe my wife or myself though, so will just have to see how it goes.