Went to a concert put on by the Missouri Valley Folklife Society last night featuring Eddie Delahunt and Tullamore. Great show. It was held in a Unitarian Church, which led to a couple of interesting jokes and comments from performers use to playing in pubs most of the time. Eddie was joined by Gabriel Reyes and Brett Gibson, players of the Bodrhan and Accordion respectively. I've heard both groups before, but it was nice actually listening to them in a setting with decent acoustics and without the distraction of noisy bar patrons. The energy level wasn't as high as an O'Malley's session, but was still lots of fun. Afterwards they were going to have a party at Kennedy's. We all showed up there to discover that the room that was suppose to have been set aside for us had not been, and there was no room for us. Everyone decided to go to Harling's Upstairs. I however was not able to find it and finally gave up and went home after driving around aimlessly looking for it for awhile. After checking Google Maps when I got home I was apparently in the right place, but never saw it. Will have to check it out again some other time.

In two weeks I will be heading to O'Malleys with my brother to see Tullamore again.