And yet more music

Went to O'Malley's once again this last weekend to see Tullamore. It was a good show. The weather had been bad with snow and freezing rain, and as such not many people showed up. This meant I could actually hear the music a lot more clearly than normal, which more than made up for the less boisterous audience. Will probably be going back a couple of times in February to hear Jonathan Ramsey and Tullamore again. Good chance Doz, my brother, will be going with me as well. On a related note I've decided to attempt to learn to play the bagpipes. Not sure how practical this is. I've never been a musically talented individual, and have tried a couple of other times in my life to learn an instrument without much success. However, I've been thinking about this for the last six months and have decided to give it a try. The bagpipe is a very complex instrument, and learning it will take years of work, but I'm really feeling the urge to do more than just listen to music, I want to be a part of it. The bagpipe has always appealed to me, and it has the added advantage of preventing me from singing along with what I'm playing (those that have heard me sing will understand why that is an advantage). I just ordered a practice chanter and tutorial from Universe of Bagpipes.

I pity my neighbors.