Santa's Brains and other things...

Wow, its Christmas Eve already. Amazing how these things kind of sneak up on you. For once though I'm mostly ready. The Christmas shopping was all done ahead of time, so now there is only the preparing of Christmas Dinner for my family tomorrow. I've done my best to get into the spirit of the season and so far haven't done too bad. By avoiding stores and not watching TV I've managed to miss most of the crass commercialism and hardcore marketing that irritates so many people, myself included. I attempted to put up a tree this year. This is something I do almost every year. Last year in fact was the first year that I didn't do this, and I regretted it. I like having some decoration around this time of year. We need things in our lives that serve no function other than to remind us that we are alive, and there things worth celebrating. The fly in the ointment however, is that I have two new cats and a dog that I have never had a Christmas tree around before. I didn't foresee this being a problem, I've had a tree with pets before. Sure a few ornaments might get knocked off, and I have to make sure not to leave the lights on and unattended, but for the most part its not been a big deal. The particular mix of wildlife I have now however proved more than my poor artificial tree could handle (I so want a real tree, but the wife is allegedly allergic to pine). Every day I would return home to find many limbs actually off the tree. Not just ornaments or a couple of chewed needles, but entire limbs removed. After a week I gave up. For reasons I can't really explain, someone is also making stuffed Santa Claus dog toys. For equally mysterious reasons I also decided that it would be a good idea to get one for my dog. Its kind of freaky watching a cute dog viciously savage Santa. Even more so when you closely resemble Santa yourself. The worst of came last night when I woke up to find myself covered with Santa's brains. Of course, the brains in this case were some kind of synthetic fiber stuffing, but nonetheless, it had been pulled mercilessly from Santa's head and spread over my sleeping form. A warning perhaps? Has my dog taken a lesson from my cats that used to leave frog heads in my bed. Is this a subtle hint that if I don't start feeding her prime cuts of meet that I may share a similar fate? Whatever the case its disturbing now to watch my dog run happily around the house with a squeaky scary zombie Santa.

On another note I've actually started working on a promo for a podcast. My World of Warcraft addiction will likely delay me getting it finished anytime soon, but I have moved from the realm of thinking about doing a podcast that I will never get done, to writing material for a podcast that I will never get done.

Ah well, tis the season and such, everyone have a great holiday of whatever it is that you celebrate.