Quite the weekend.

Its been quite a weekend. I had fallen about four days behind where I should have been in my wordcount for NaNoWriMo. For the last week I just couldn't seem to get any momentum going and I was really beginning to think about giving up on it. But this weekend I resolved to catchup, and I have. I just hit 33533, words, thats an increase of over 9000 for the weekend. And I think the story is really getting interesting. I'm at one of the major turning points in the plot and its all picking up so I don't think I will have any trouble keeping the momentum up for a while. I was able to pull of the small coup despite having homework, a midterm, and the huge distraction of getting a new computer. An old friend of mine quite unexpectedly gave me an early Christmas present of a new Athlon 64 3200+ CPU, an Epox 9pn-Ultra mother board, and 1GB of DDR 400 RAM. (Thanks Rusty!!!) I got a new case, power supply, GeForce 6600GT graphics card, and SATA Hard Drive to complete the set. I had told myself I wasn't going to put it together until I had reached my word count goal. Of course I caved and put it together yesterday and alternated loading software on it and writing. Late last night I swapped it out with my old system and just kept plugging. So now I am basking in the cool blue luminance of my illuminated analog gauges on my new computer case, as well as the warm glow of not having given up and actually tapping into that inner muse for a bit.

Here is another brief excerpt:

“She wouldn't go with me,” Nate said a tad more defensively than he had intended, “whatever she may seem, she believes in her duty, I could hear it in her voice even if I couldn't understand the words.” They drove in silence for a few minutes before Nate continued. “I've never been to concerned with great causes. The specter of some ancient evil unleashing hell on the world is just kind of beyond my grasp. I've always concentrated on just surviving and righting any small wrongs that I came across. I don't have any desire to be wrapped up in this mess. But when I first saw her, I knew I had found something that was more important than me or anything else I cared about. There should be fairies in the world, there needs to be something pure and innocent and perfect, otherwise whats the point of it all? I would like nothing more than to take her somewhere far away from here, somewhere where there would be no danger or pain or death. But she won't turn back, and if I forced her she would hate me for it, and thats the one thing that scares me more than death right now.”