Aint gonna happen..

Well, my rather ambitious goal of hitting 35000 words by tomorrow night isn't looking remotely likely. Thats not a huge problem, as I should at least hit 25000 words which is the halfway mark and right where I should be. I was just hoping to have a little breathing room going into the holidays. Never know what my schedule will be like or what other complications or distractions might come up. I was just outside looking at the sky. The moon is full or close to it and quite bright. There is a large ring around it, which besides looking very cool and magical, is a pretty good indication of ice crystals in the atmosphere. I'm hoping that means snow tonight. I'm definitely planning on staying up late and watching for it.

Today was really feeling like winter for me, which is great. I love winter. I loved it in Maine, and though its something of a pale imitation here, its still a time of the year I really love. Playing with my dog at the park this morning was great. It was a bit on the chilly side, windy and with a light rain. The air had that kind of crisp grayness to it that can only mean winter is near.

I really wish I had the kind of job where I could just kind of sit back and watch the snow without having to get out and drive with all the idiots in it though. Thats really the only thing I don't like about this time of the year. I really do like snow though, its just easier to appreciate it while walking through a frozen wood at night, then sliding around with the morons on the roads.